Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hospital Kit

One of my very best friends has asked me to be her daughter's Godmother. The baby is due tomorrow, so last week I sent off a "first days" kit to take into hospital with her. It contained:

A tiny 100% wool cardigan

Tiny bootees to keep her feet warm:

And my personal favourite, a classic bonnet to keep the baby's ears warm on her way home from hospital:

It also contained a tiny pijama:

A cuddly toy:

And a blanket:

I sent it all off in a small ribbon-tied suitcase, which my friend can later use to decorate the nursery or to keep teh baby's soft toys in, her socks, etc.


Isa said...

Precioso, como siempre. Y la presentación super cuidada y detallista. Tu amiga estará muy contenta ;-)

Muir said...

Maravillosos los regalos y la presentación, como siempre. Tu ahijada estará preciosa. :) Un abrazo.

MJ said...

que bonito todo. Lo hecho a mano, lo comprado y el empaquetado.

MJ said...
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Anonymous said...

Muito lindo seu trabalho, adorei a toca e o sapato.
Sou brasileira de descendencia japonesa e adoro tricot