Saturday, September 15, 2007


Here are a few photos and the details of some of the things I knitted over the summer.
In June friends of ours had a little boy, and I wanted to knit a matching pullover, trousers, socks and hat from the Phildar book Tricot Bébé to give to them. I bought all the wool I needed to knit the outfit in size 6 months. However, as soon as I had knitted the pullover I realised that it was, at most, size 3 months. I was really annoyed because for once I had actually used the yarn they use in the pattern and checked my tension and all the rest of it! I mentioned it to the woman in the shop and she said that they quite regularly find mistakes with the sizing in the book!

Now, size 3 months instead of 6 months is a perfect example of minor mistake, major annoyance, because since the baby was born in June, and would probably be “the right size” to wear a pullover size three months in July or August, that pullover was no good for him. So, I decided to make the same pullover but following the instructions for the 12 months size in the book. The result looked like it would fit a six month old baby perfectly. However, by then it was just a few days before we had arranged to see those friends (we live about 700 km apart, but they were spending a few days at only 80 km or so from where we spent part of the summer) so I didn't have time to make the rest of the outfit and just knitted a pair of matching socks. Well, I started and tried to finish a hat as well, which would have been very cute, but when after a crazy round-the-clock knitting session I had nearly reached the top part, I realised that I had been following the instructions for at least two different sizes, so that was the end of the hat (knitting obviously does require a minimum amount of concentration after all!).

I might still knit the hat with the leftover yarn and send it to them. Anyways, I had also bought them a rattle and matching soft toy, and a little T-shirt which I couldn't resist (yes, I confess, I belong to the group of women who stand in shops and drool over baby clothes).

As anyone who tends to read this blog (on the rare occasions that I actually write something on it) knows, I really enjoy the "presentation" part of present giving; I like everything from nice wrapping paper to tags, ribbons, labels, silver writing, baskets, boxes, etc. A few weeks before leaving on holiday I happened to come across this mini-suitcase, and instantly fell in love.

Since it was already very lively, I decided I would simply customise it by cutting out the letters of the baby's name, plasticising them and sticking them on the suitcase:

And with the presents:

I have to admit, I was pretty chuffed with the result. The bad news is that I have now developed quite a mini-suitcase fetish… I look for them everywhere. I found this set of 3 in a shop in France and just had to have them!

I now very much hope that at least some of my friends/cousins/cousins-in-law (if there is such a thing) will have daughters (I already know that at least the next two babies due will be boys- sigh!) so that I can actually use them- soon!


Muir said...

¡Me han encantado, como siempre! ¡Y la presentación, también! :) Yo también tengo la cesta llena de lana y de peques para los que tejer, así que te entiendo perfectamente.

Booteeful said...

Muchas gracias Muir! :-) Iré mirando tus creaciones en tu blog también! :-)