Sunday, September 30, 2007

Semana de conciertos

Hace una semana hoy (o sea el domingo pasado) estabamos en las calles de Barcelona disfrutando del concierto de Travis, un grupo que me encanta. Si a alguien no le suena Travis, seguro que conoce esta canción y esta también, quizás su canción que más me gusta. El concierto fue muy bueno.

Luego el jueves fuimos al concierto de... ¡The Police! Fue realmente genial, había un ambiente fantástico, todo el mundo bailando y cantando, y Sting estaba.. vamos, buenísimo! ;-) Aquí teneis un video que grabamos con nuestra cámara.. la calidad es muy mala, pero bueno.. se puede ver el ambiente y en particular mi chico pasandoselo en grande, que es lo que cuenta! ;-)

Lo que quería decir: en estos dos conciertos hay una cosa que me ha resultado muy graciosa y a la vez muy estraña... mientras hace pocos años ibamos a conciertos y se veía un mar de pequeñas llamas de gente con encendedores, ahora se ven miles de pequeñas luces por todos lados... ¡las luces de teléfonos movíles y cámeras digitales! Fue increíble.. como el concierto de The Police era en el estadio de fútbol del Español, nos hemos quedado arriba para ver el principio, y había tanta gente grabando, filmando y sacando fotos que el público estaba casí iluminado.. muy fuerte. Y eso que hace 10 años ¡ni había tenido un teléfono movíl entre las manos! Otra prueba de que el tiempo pasa y pasa, y hay una evolución imparable. Me pregunto cómo serán los conciertos dentro de otros 10 años...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Y qué mejor manera de empezar el otoño que con estos...

Unos chocolates exquisitos que me trajo una amiga de Béligica:

Hay las variedades "Sexy" con jengibre, "Tranquility" con lavanda, "Cocoon" con canela y "Pleasure" con tres minerales (vamos, ¡es sano y todo!).

Pero por si a caso necesitaba más, también me trajó estos:

AAAAAiiiiiiii cuanto la quiero a mi amiga!! Mua! Mua! Muuuuuaaaaaa! ;-)

NB: Hay un montón de chocolate, pero en esta casa lo doy, sin exagerar, una esperanza de vida de... 10 o quizás 14 días, ya os contaré...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Although I really like the autumn, I always think the end of the summer is rather sad. I suppose because, in the same way as the spring announces the arrival of summer, the autumn announces the arrival of winter, and I'm much more of a summer person than a winter person. So, to cheer myself up, I have decided to make a list of the things I don't like about the summer, and the things I do like about the autumn.

Things I DON’T like about the summer:

1) My feet are always dirty (I walk around barefoot/ wearing sandals)
2) Bees, wasps, mosquitoes and the likes
3) It’s often too hot to knit
4) On very hot days my legs stick to my jeans
5) At the start of the summer you tend to try on bikinis looking all white and wintry under the neon lights of changing rooms
6) You are expected to show more flesh- in my case very white flesh which I am not very proud of (especially my legs)!
7) In the afternoons the sun heats my study up for hours and it becomes like an oven; the only options are to lump it or to close the shutters, and I hate working in the dark!
8) It's too hot to sleep with a duvet
9) When at the end of the summer you try to think of the things you don't like about the summer to cheer yourself up, you can only think of 8 things…

Things I LIKE about the autumn:

1) The leaves on the trees change colour, which I love
2) There is something far more special about the sun shining on a real autumn day than on a summer's day
3) You can sleep with a big, thick duvet
4) You can start every morning by drinking a cup of hot coffee under your big, thick duvet
5) It’s cold enough to wear socks so I don't have to wash my feet every night before going to bed
6) Perfect knitting weather, especially when the wind blows, it rains, or better still: there is a dreadful storm outside and you are curled up on the settee inside watching the rain
7) I love the sound of the wind and the rain falling against the window on stormy nights
8) There are no bees, wasps, mosquitoes, etc.
9) No bikinis
10) You can forget your legs are so white they look transparent, and you can nearly (yes, I did say nearly) forget about shaving/waxing them too
11) I make all kinds of thick soups which we eat on cold evenings
12) On rainy days you can lie in bed until 2 pm and not feel guilty about it
13) On rainy days you can spend the entire day in your pyjamas and not feel guilty about it
14) On rainy days you can watch three DVDs one after the other and not feel guilty about it
15) On rainy days you can stuff on chocolate because the bad weather depresses you and... not feel guilty about it! Hurray!

Conclusion: I will avoid making a list of the things I don't like about the autumn, because it could just be longer than the above, but when it comes down to it, having 15 things to look forward to at the start of the autumn isn't bad at all! :-)

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Here are a few photos and the details of some of the things I knitted over the summer.
In June friends of ours had a little boy, and I wanted to knit a matching pullover, trousers, socks and hat from the Phildar book Tricot Bébé to give to them. I bought all the wool I needed to knit the outfit in size 6 months. However, as soon as I had knitted the pullover I realised that it was, at most, size 3 months. I was really annoyed because for once I had actually used the yarn they use in the pattern and checked my tension and all the rest of it! I mentioned it to the woman in the shop and she said that they quite regularly find mistakes with the sizing in the book!

Now, size 3 months instead of 6 months is a perfect example of minor mistake, major annoyance, because since the baby was born in June, and would probably be “the right size” to wear a pullover size three months in July or August, that pullover was no good for him. So, I decided to make the same pullover but following the instructions for the 12 months size in the book. The result looked like it would fit a six month old baby perfectly. However, by then it was just a few days before we had arranged to see those friends (we live about 700 km apart, but they were spending a few days at only 80 km or so from where we spent part of the summer) so I didn't have time to make the rest of the outfit and just knitted a pair of matching socks. Well, I started and tried to finish a hat as well, which would have been very cute, but when after a crazy round-the-clock knitting session I had nearly reached the top part, I realised that I had been following the instructions for at least two different sizes, so that was the end of the hat (knitting obviously does require a minimum amount of concentration after all!).

I might still knit the hat with the leftover yarn and send it to them. Anyways, I had also bought them a rattle and matching soft toy, and a little T-shirt which I couldn't resist (yes, I confess, I belong to the group of women who stand in shops and drool over baby clothes).

As anyone who tends to read this blog (on the rare occasions that I actually write something on it) knows, I really enjoy the "presentation" part of present giving; I like everything from nice wrapping paper to tags, ribbons, labels, silver writing, baskets, boxes, etc. A few weeks before leaving on holiday I happened to come across this mini-suitcase, and instantly fell in love.

Since it was already very lively, I decided I would simply customise it by cutting out the letters of the baby's name, plasticising them and sticking them on the suitcase:

And with the presents:

I have to admit, I was pretty chuffed with the result. The bad news is that I have now developed quite a mini-suitcase fetish… I look for them everywhere. I found this set of 3 in a shop in France and just had to have them!

I now very much hope that at least some of my friends/cousins/cousins-in-law (if there is such a thing) will have daughters (I already know that at least the next two babies due will be boys- sigh!) so that I can actually use them- soon!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Speaking of my friends’/family’s babies, I have already finished several presents. Since the first two are due in November (and so size 3 months will fit perfectly) , I decided to make the trousers matching the wrong-sized-Phildar-pullover.

I have the wool I need to make a matching hat and socks.

So far for the other baby, who will be the son of my other half's best friend, I have made this little top from the same Phildar book…

…and these leggings from the Sirdar book called Early Arrivals…

…which, together, look like this:

Just in case knitting a top from one book to go with a bottom part from another book wasn’t eccentric enough, I decided to use yarn that had nothing to do with either of the two brands, and used 100% wool Baby Superwash by Bouton d'Or (at €3.50 per skein instead of the usual €5.95 they were a real bargain). Who said you couldn’t mix and match and… get away with it!

The other thing I bought while we were in France was loads of pretty paper, to decorate cards, boxes and mini suitcases, of course.

I don’t know what I'll knit next- the hat to go with the present for the June baby, a teddy bear to send off with the leggings and cross-over top, the socks and hat to match the pullover and trousers...

However, I do know what I’ll be doing on chilly autumn and winter evenings to come, since between November and early March 9 (yes, I mean it, nine!) friends and family members are due to give birth.
All I can say is thank God (or my wool addiction and lack of self-discipline) that my wool basket is bursting with yarn!

To be continued…