Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Test de felicidad

Pues yo también hice el test de felicidad.. que encontré en el blog de Isa quien lo encontró en el blog de Victoria quien lo encontró en el blog de otra persona... vamos, cosas de la blogsfera! Pues nada, esto es mi resultado:

You Are 76% Happy

You are a very happy person. Generally, you feel content and that all is right with the world.
Occasionally, you have a down day - but you have the ability to pick yourself right back up.

Aunque 76% no está mal, me sorprendí que no fuera más.. la verdad es que me siento una persona muy feliz y además con mucha suerte. Hay pocos días en los que me encuentro mal, y son muy pocas veces las que en esta vida me he sentido deprimida... aunque si tengo un mal día casi seguro que está relacionado con mi trabajo...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Regalos y proyectos (que en realidad también son regalos!)

Primero los regalos!!!! :-) Por cierto, no sé por qué pero otra vez todas las fotos me salen al revez.. y esto que en mi ordenador aparecen bien.. no lo entiendo :-(

Pues en la quedada de Barcelonaknits la semana pasada Betty me regaló para mi cumple y para haber metido la para diciendo que NO SOY CLAUDIA SHIFFER (aún los ojos se me llenan de lagrimas cuando pienso en ello! ;-) estos cuatro ovillos de lana super suave "Bebé" de Alcotex. Todavía no sé lo que haré con ella pero me gusta mucho... ¡gracias Betty! :-)

Luego vino Isa a casa el viernes para buscar un patrón que quería para tejer un jersey para el futuro bebé de una amiga suya, y me regaló estos dos ovillos de lana preciosa de Vimar que se llama "La lana del Cigno Nero". Tampoco sé lo que haré con ella pero como encima lleva su color favorito (lila) estoy pensando en guardarla para hacer algo para su futuro bebé (si resisto tanto tiempo! ;-) ¡Gracias Isa!

Y ahora los proyectos! Todos son para la niña de la prima de Julien que seguramente ha nacido hoy o está naciendo ahora, porque hoy le iban a provocar el parto. Por estos motivos, y como este jersey lila me salio algo pequeño, lo he dejado en Francia este fin de semana, así la hermana de Julien se lo traerá al hopital y lo tendrán desde el principio, porque no creo que van a poder ponersela durante mucho tiempo! Está hecho en base de un patrón del libro "Simple Knits for Cherished Babies"; digo bien "en base" porque (como siempre!) no he podido resistir a la tentación de hacer algunos cambios al patrón.... ;-)

Este fin de semana he terminado el osito que estaba haciendo en la quedada de la semana pasada... También está hecho según un patrón en el libro "Simple Knits for Cherished Babies" y la verdad es que estoy bastante contenta con el resultado! :-)

Por último ayer hize estos patucos, otra vez "en base" de un patrón que encontré en Internet hace mucho tiempo (sorry, era hace unos años, y lo imprimé y no guardé el link) del mismo color que el jersey. Aqui podeis ver el regalo todo juntos, menos el jersey lila que dejé en Francia.

Ahora empezaré el siguiente proyecto... seguramente va ser para el bebé de mi primo que nacerá en julio, pero es que no quieren decir si va ser niño o niña (ellos lo saben) así que va tener que ser algo "neutral"... a ver a ver...

Monday, May 15, 2006

On how I know that I knit too much and my strange postman

I recently bought one of the Yarn Harlot books ("At Knit's End, Meditations for Women who Knit too much") and it has been making me laugh out loud all over the place (in the tube, waiting in queues, in bed at night, etc.). I find the "You know you knit too much when..." pages the funniest… probably because I recognise myself in most of them!

So I decided to have a go at my own personal list. Here is my top 8:

I know I knit too much because:

-I read patterns in bed before going to sleep
-I have read every one of the patterns I read in bed before going to sleep about 10 times.
-I show guests my wool collection despite the fact that I can see on their faces that they would probably be more interested in seeing the contents of our bathroom cupboard than my wool basket.
-I got loads of great presents for my birthday (see photo below) and although I really was very happy with them, I just can’t believe nobody thought of wool.
-I secretly hope my friends and family will have daughters instead of sons, because baby girls are more fun to knit for than little boys.
- I bought a baby doll the size of a newborn baby to use for sizing when I design clothes, but find myself frantically swinging it under the bed or behind the sofa whenever anyone rings our doorbell.
-I scream at my boyfriend for moving my knitting off the sofa and onto the table or anywhere else- after all, he might cause a stitch to drop off one of the needles, and in any case, there was no need to move my knitting… or even to touch it for that matter!
-I frequently log on to knitting shops and select all kinds of patterns and yarns, loads of them, then follow all the steps through to "checkout", only to delete the entire contents of my shopping cart... I knew all along there was no way I could justify spending that much money on wool and patterns, but I just wanted to see what my cart looked like and what I would choose if only I could have anything I wanted…

It's bad. It really is.

Now something completely different: a story that has left me very puzzled. Ever since we moved into this flat, about two years ago, I have occasionally ordered knitting books online, since as most people who live here know, it is pretty much impossible to find patterns or knitting books in Spain. Now, until recently, whenever one of the parcels from abroad arrived, I would feel very guilty for making the poor postman climb up to the 8th floor (granted there is a lift that takes you to the 6th floor, but still!) to leave my parcel in front of my door. So, one day when I happened to bump into him and he was holding a parcel for me, I apologetically explained that they were knitting books that I ordered online because I couldn’t find them here, and said I was really grateful that he always left them in front of my door. He gave me a bit of a strange look, shrugged his shoulders and grunted something at me. What part of my story offended him is a mystery to me, but ever since we had that conversation (or I had that monologue in his presence) he has just left anything addressed to me on top of the letterboxes downstairs... Does he think knitting books aren't worthy of the effort it takes to get up to the 8th floor? Or does he think it was a joke and I was making fun of him? I don't know, but never again has he left a parcel in front of my door. The other day a neighbour who I am friendly with came to the door holding a big padded envelope for me. She said she had found it on the floor in the entrance hall, and was afraid one of the other neighbours would run off with it if she didn't bring it to me... I was very grateful to her because it is true that some of my (very nosy!) neighbours have in the past helped themselves to things addressed to me…such as my Redoute catalogue! So now if I know one of my books is about to arrive, I run downstairs to check the letterboxes every morning (around noon when the postman tends to come) to make sure that I am the first person down there.
I only hope that if one of these days one of my neighbours does get there first and decides to have a look in one of my parcels, he/she will put it back downstairs again once he/she realises it contains books full of knitting patterns written in English!
I never knew having knitting books delivered could become so complicated!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A new wrap-over top and lots of birthday presents!

I have finished a new wrap-over top, this time for the baby girl one of Julien's cousins is expecting in two weeks time. The pattern is by Sirdar and the yarn I used by Phildar. I am quite happy with the result, although I don't think I would use the same wool for this project again.

The only other bits of news are 1) that I celebrated my 27th birthday last Saturday and, besides having a fantastic time, also got loads and loads of great presents, including a painting, flowers, books, creams and potions, a perfume, a bikini, several bags, a basket, an inflatable beach chair, ... (you can see them all on the photo! Thank you very much everyone!!! :-) I had a great day, evening and night!) and 2) that I did my theory test for my driving license on Tuesday and was told on Wednesday that I passed! Yippeee! I should have my first driving lessons next week!