Saturday, April 29, 2006

Second cardigan

Here is the second cardigan- for the other twin! :-) It's based on the same basic cardigan pattern! I like the way it's very "girly" :-)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New cardigan

Yippee!!! I have finished one of the "mysterious" cardigans for my friend's twin daughters! :-) The recipe? A combination of two different patterns from my secret book with a dose of imagination and a touch of "fantaisie" (as the French would say)! I have to admit I am quite pleased with the result, despite the fact that every time I look at it I end up thinking: "I should have done this differently", and "that would have been better like that", etc. but anyways, you live and learn, or rather, you knit and learn!!! ;-) I decided to hang the little balls off the tips of the leaves (collar) because they tended to curl upwards every so slighly.. plus I thought they were really sweet! ;-)

BTW... does anyone know how to turn photos?