Monday, March 20, 2006

Back at last!

After (gulp!) six weeks of neglect (I’m a bad, bad blogger!) here I am again!

During my shameful absence I started and finished several projects including another kimono and mini slippers from Erika Knight’s “Simple Knits for Cherished Babies” and Diamond and Lace Bootees from Zoe Mellor’s “50 Baby Bootees to Knit”, but I was stupid enough to give them away without photographing them first… too bad! I also forgot to take a picture of the finished Ruffles, but anyway!

So here is my latest project, to be given away tomorrow! It’s from Jaeger’s “Booklet JB29 for Babies and Toddlers”. At first I was very disappointed with the result… I thought the main part of the cardigan was too short and that the sleeves were a strange shape… but once I attached the ties and put it on my scary mannequin (!) I decided I liked it after all! I hope the baby’s parents will too!

My next project (I’m about half way there) is a stuffed rabbit. I would like to finish it by tomorrow to give to the same baby, but I’m not sure I’ll manage.


Isa said...

Te ha quedado precioso, no seas tan exigente! :-)

betty said...

te ha quedado genial! y la forma de las mangas parece perfecta!!! ;)