Thursday, March 23, 2006

Anna, the champion wool shop spotter!

My friend Anna is a champion wool shop spotter! She recently found this wool shop in Tripoli (Lebanon), this one in Iguazu (Argentina, if I'm not mistaken!) and this one in Paris! Well done Anna, you're the best! :-) Meanwhile I have been wool shop spotting in Rome (this is the best wool shop I have ever been in, by the way -except for my grandparents' wool shop, of course! - I could have bought the entire shop, no joke!)

and in Berlin... (this one was fantastic too, why can't we have this kind of shop in Barcelona!!! Aggrrr... although it is probably better for my bank account that we don't! ;-)

I also found one in Perpignan and three (!) in Montpellier (to Julien's horror!), but I didn't have my camera on me... Although my locations aren't as exotic as Anna's, it's not bad huh?! ;-) Maybe we should organise a competition to see who can find a wool shop in the most unlikely location! ;-)


betty said...

we should make a worldwide list, to have handy when traveling! )

anna said...

i so agree with betty!! create the world's most sought-after database of wool shops...

you'll have to give me the address for the one in rome, might be going soon :)