Thursday, March 23, 2006

Anna, the champion wool shop spotter!

My friend Anna is a champion wool shop spotter! She recently found this wool shop in Tripoli (Lebanon), this one in Iguazu (Argentina, if I'm not mistaken!) and this one in Paris! Well done Anna, you're the best! :-) Meanwhile I have been wool shop spotting in Rome (this is the best wool shop I have ever been in, by the way -except for my grandparents' wool shop, of course! - I could have bought the entire shop, no joke!)

and in Berlin... (this one was fantastic too, why can't we have this kind of shop in Barcelona!!! Aggrrr... although it is probably better for my bank account that we don't! ;-)

I also found one in Perpignan and three (!) in Montpellier (to Julien's horror!), but I didn't have my camera on me... Although my locations aren't as exotic as Anna's, it's not bad huh?! ;-) Maybe we should organise a competition to see who can find a wool shop in the most unlikely location! ;-)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bunny Rabbit

Yippeee, I have finished (and already given away!) my first ever knitted stuffed toy! Here it is:

I made it using a mix of linen (40%) and cotton (60%) and hung little bells off the tips of its ears so that it sounds like a baby's rattle when you shake it. I gave it away together with the little wraparound top in a little white bag:

The pattern is from my secret book... My secret book is a book I am keeping secret from my friends at Barcelonaknits! so that I have a few original designs to knit as presents when they have babies! (we all have the same books and pretty much like the same patterns, but this is a book I know nobody here has or knows, hihi!). If someone who is not part of Barcelonaknits! or who would not like a baby in the next, say, two years, would like to know the name of the book, email me!

Finally, and just in case anyone out there still doesn't know that we (BarcelonaKnits!) were in El Pais last Thursday, I will place a scanned image of the photo and article here:

Monday, March 20, 2006

Back at last!

After (gulp!) six weeks of neglect (I’m a bad, bad blogger!) here I am again!

During my shameful absence I started and finished several projects including another kimono and mini slippers from Erika Knight’s “Simple Knits for Cherished Babies” and Diamond and Lace Bootees from Zoe Mellor’s “50 Baby Bootees to Knit”, but I was stupid enough to give them away without photographing them first… too bad! I also forgot to take a picture of the finished Ruffles, but anyway!

So here is my latest project, to be given away tomorrow! It’s from Jaeger’s “Booklet JB29 for Babies and Toddlers”. At first I was very disappointed with the result… I thought the main part of the cardigan was too short and that the sleeves were a strange shape… but once I attached the ties and put it on my scary mannequin (!) I decided I liked it after all! I hope the baby’s parents will too!

My next project (I’m about half way there) is a stuffed rabbit. I would like to finish it by tomorrow to give to the same baby, but I’m not sure I’ll manage.

Ya se ha ido mi hermano

Buhhhuuuuu... estoy muy triste porque ya se han ido mi hermano mayor y Vasco... y seguramente no les volveré a ver hasta pasado el verano o Navidad... aunque nunca se sabe. Pero el tiene exhibiciones en Grecia, va a pasar unos meses en Japón etc. así que no será hasta dentro de bastante tiempo. Pero lo pasamos realmente bien, hemos disfrutado mucho del fin de semana todos, aunque pasó volando. Yo estaba un poco triste que el tiempo no fue mejor, pero bueno, no tenía remedio, y ellos me aseguraron que comparado con Berlin donde todavía está todo nevado estuvo muy bien! Bueno... os pongo una de mis fotos favoritas del fin de semana.. A lo mejor os parece estraño porque están de espaldas, pero no sé... a mi me gusta mucho. Es de ayer, el día del cumpleaños de mi hermano, en la playa aquí en Barcelona.

Habían olas altísimas! Bueno, pues nada. Ya estarán casí en Berlin.