Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Knitting is cool, very cool!


Knitting is officially COOL! What is more, it can help you quit smoking! We knew it from the very start! ;-)


betty said...

don't you get tired of being always a trend-setter? ;)

anna said...

hey very good news.

you will be pleased to hear that your knitting disciple in london has:

1. not smoked for 10 days;

2. started on her first baby jumper.

without even a remote prospect of having babies soon i have to admit it's SO MUCH FUN! very good for impatient people like me, who like seeing results quickly.

A friend gave me an old knitting book from the 80s with some hilariously hideous pattern in it, but some ofthe baby ones are good. i could photocopy and send to you :)


persones llanes said...

I love the "knitting to stop smoking" angle! Too funny!